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Let TexasNearBy.com provide you with Marketing Assistance...

Let TexasNearBy.com provide you with Marketing Assistance....

Getting the “word out,” about you and what you are doing, is one of TexasNearBy.com’s primary functions that we perform for our clients. We help you develop your marketing strategies and then assist you with its implementation by offering a variety of media venues to accomplish your goals.

  • Press Release Services –  TexasNearBy.com offers a cost effective and time saving marketing opportunity that truly “gets the word out.” By accessing hundreds of local weekly and daily newspapers in your area, TexasNearBy.com can offer you an effective means to e-mail your informational article to these media sources for publication.
  • Website Services –  Having a website is a necessity! Being accessible on the internet to millions of persons that have an interest in what you are offering opens all sorts of opportunities for organizations and communities. See TexasNearBy.com “Website Services” section for more information on what we offer.
  • Flyers and Posters –  This printed media is great in high traffic areas. How many times have you seen a poster promoting a local event at the check out register of a restaurant? Flyers and posters are eye-catching and serve as another medium to tell about your event or activity.
  • Radio –  TexasNearBy.com can assist with getting your announcement aired. A great opportunity exists with radio to air your announcement to a large listening area. With radio, there are possibilities for free community announcements by the local stations that communities and non-profit organizations can include in their marketing plan for their event or community.
  • Billboards –  For regional and statewide exposure, catch the eye of the highway driver. TexasNearBy.com can help you locate prime locations for your billboard to help build awareness of your marketing goals, and thus, ultimately increase your revenues. This type of advertising works – you’ve seen the ads! This is one of the most cost effective marketing resources available today. Billboards deliver your marketing or promotional message to your mobile market - where they live, work and play.

Whatever media choices you decide to use,  TexasNearBy.com  is at your side to help you achieve maximum coverage in your market area.


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