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Let TexasNearBy.com help you manage your Information....


Is your desk and file cabinets filled with reams of paper containing the same information, but in different formats? Are there hand written notes about contacting a new client or member that has accidentally been misplaced? Or is there a special project that just never seems to get accomplished?


TexasNearBy.com  can help your office manage both time and resources, and take care of many of those “back office” duties. Let us show you how….

  •  Easy it is to manage your membership information over the web via your website.
  •  Quick it is to generate a newsletter – and send it out!
  •  Development of prospective members or sales leads – Growing your business or organization through new clients or memberships is a must to succeed in this competitive atmosphere.

TexasNearBy.com  is your "back office assitant" that helps you manage your most vauable resource - time. Take the first step to giving yourself more time - call  TexasNearBy.com now.


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