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TexasNearBy.com can help make your next event a success...

TexasNearBy.com can help make your next event a success...

Event advertising dollars are at a premium – every dollar spent must promote the event and enhance the overall event experience. Likewise, sponsorship dollars must also meet the needs and interests of the giving sponsor.

  • Survey Support –  Whether it is customer satisfaction or your event visitor having a good time, knowing your customer’s or visitor’s needs and experiences can mark the difference between failure and success. Surveying on a regular basis can help you develop products, services and programs that will turn satisfied customers and visitors into returning or loyal patrons. Sponsors and grant applications are looking for evidence that their funding is being utilized in an expeditious manner. TexasNearBy.com can offer web form and survey options, as well as onsite event surveying.
  • Securing Sponsorship Funding –  An event in your community is a great way to build community spirit, attract visitors and support the local economy. But, as with anything else, events cost money to produce. Ancillary activities, like concessions and admission fees are revenue generators, but more and more events are reaching out to the growing resource of sponsorships. TexasNearBy.com can assist you with reaching your goals for sponsorships for your event and thus making your event not only successful, but a revenue generator as well.
  • Signage and Decorations –  Make your event inviting for your event visitors. Welcome them as they enter your event with color and motion. TexasNearBy.com can assist you with cost effective signage and decorations that can make your event aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for your visitors, while creating a memorable experience that draws them back year after year.
  • Informational Event Kiosks –  Let your event visitor get information that is up to the minute current by using an interactive web-based event information kiosk. Visitors can access information on your kiosk with a touch of their finger to find out what is happening at the event at that very minute, as well as what’s coming up for the rest of the event. TexasNearBy.com has the technology and experience to keep the visitor current of all the happenings at your event.

TexasNearBy.com  is here to provide our professional expertise in event promotional and sponsorship needs to ensure your event’s immediate success, as well as your event’s long term goals.


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