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TexasNearBy.com is the brain child of us at Retro-Mation, contact us and let us show you how we can help with promoting your organization.

USA Contact Information

For Technical and General Information
        Bryan Fisher, 866-594-3882
For Sales and Order Entry
        Sharon Fisher, 361-594-3882
        (361) 594-4040
Postal address
        PO Box 217
        Shiner, TX 77984-0217
Electronic mail
        General Information: Sales Support
        Sales Support: Sharon Fisher
        Technical Support: Bryan Fisher
        Webmaster: Webmaster

Meet our brainpower....

Sharon Fisher, with her 29 years of experience and a graduate of Texas A&M University, understands small businesses at all levels. Her background includes historic preservation, heritage tourism and the construction industry. Mrs. Fisher has been a Main Street Manager and has received extensive training in heritage tourism, economic development, and promotion. She is currently enrolled in Texas A&M University Cooperative Extension Service’s Texas Event Leadership Program. Mrs. Fisher not only is the primary person that performs the consulting for the firm, but makes all financial and management decisions as well.

Bryan Fisher, with his 29 years of computer experience and also a graduate of Texas A&M University, has been involved with a variety of projects involving system applications, software for product development and custom designed hardware and software systems. These projects have been in the civil, mechanical, testing, industrial and biomedical industries. Being a person with a wide range of exposure to different systems and programming languages, he has also been involved with different customers and end users. Thus, he has the ability to work with diverse customers, envision their needs, and establish goals to fulfill the project as requirements.

Recently, Mr. Fisher has been instrumental in the research, design, and launching of a Texas event and attraction website called TheTexasTrails.com. With an interest in heritage tourism and the promotion of rural Texas, Mr. Fisher has developed, designed and supports several heritage tourism based websites, along with other sites for customer data management use. Mr. Fisher has received his certification from the Texas A&M University Cooperative Extension Service’s Texas Event Leadership Program.

Together with you,TexasNearBy.com can help you achieve and maintain a presence in your customer's market

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